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Photomechcanics SX-60 Prime photo studio for 360 degree product photos

Make high quality 360-photos in office or warehouse

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Free interactive widget for your website

Get 100% free flexible widget for your website. Use "as is" or customize according to your website design.

Interactive 360 photo

Easy steps to make 360-degree product photos

Set up your studio

Edit images and save to HTML5 player to view online

Interactive 360 photo

Place product and take 360 photo automatically

Upload new interactive photos to the website

Photomechanics MFT-1 with item for 360 degree and 3D product photos

For any product type, shape and size

We provide large variety of solutions for wide range of items, including extremely large or unstable items.

Photomechanics MX-32 and MFT-1 turntables for product photography

Best price on the market

Professional and fully automatic equipment with a lowest price on the market starting $650

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Phtotmechanics part of a drive unit for turntables

Industrial reliability

As a producer of industrial equipment we manufacture 24/7 reliable solution for content production.

Photo production costs reduced by 250%

Photomechanics MX-32 with robot arm K-100 for 360 and 3D photos in an office
Photomechanics ST-300 photo studio for bulky items

Heavy Duty

3D Photo cloud portal

Store your collection


High Reliability

CDN, high availability storage, daily backups.

Easy Upload

Upload content directly from Photo3D Studio.

Fast Integration

Integrate with few clicks. Modern player with zoom and fullscreen mode.

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Built your own product photo studio

Interactive 360 photo
You may reach up to 500 items/day productivity with well-established production process.
Size of the product is convenient for speeding up the process. Each sequence is taken within 25 seconds.
The only manual operations are placing an item and scanning the bar code to the software.
Production speed may vary depending on process and requirements.
Use fully integrated solution at the office or warehouse or equip your own studio with flexible and compact automatic turntable.
Use free HTML5 Photomechanics Widget to view 360 and 3D photos on your website.
Photomechanics Widget is fully compatible with mobile devices. You may configure Widget according to your website design or use one of standard design options.
You may also use one of compatible free or paid third-party 360-photo widgets.

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