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ST-100 MLK 3D-Photo Studio
ST-100 MLK 3D-Photo Studio
ST-100 MLK 3D-Photo Studio

ST-100 MLK 3D-Photo Studio

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Universal 3D Photo Studio for 360° and 3D photography of medium-sized objects (e.g. furniture, household appliances, construction tools, etc.). PhotoArm K-150 allows you to perform 3D photography with rotation in several planes in fully automatic mode.

The Studio includes the following:

- Automatic turntable MFT-1

- Tabletop 100cm in diameter

- Base module ST-100

- Integrated lighting Module with 12 Led light lamps

- PhotoArm Photomechanics K-150 for 3D photography

- Software (Photomechanics Photo3D Studio)

Compatibility with optional modules and gear:

- Laser positioning module for object centering

- Hanging module for unstable objects


Maximum Product Dimensions and Weight
Length, Width 70x70 cm
Height 150 cm
Weight 50 kg
Size of the object affects maximum weight capacity. Maximum weight is lower for bulky items.
Recommended Product Dimensions
Length, Width 65x65 cm
Height 140 cm
Steps per revolution
Minimum 1
Maximum 10240
Other features
Universal tabletop and accessories mount
Hanging module for unstable objects
2 turntables synchronization
Adjustable feet
On/off indication
Compatible devices and accessories


Power and control
Power 220/110 VAC
Data Interfaces USB 2.0, Wi-Fi
Control Options

Photo3D Studio
API control
GGnome Object2VR Studio
Check Photo3D Studio for detailed control description

Shipping weight/dimensions
Box 1 (device MFT-1) 9 kg, 36x36x21 cm
Box 2 (tabletop 1) 12 kg, 112x110x7 cm
Box 3 (luminated chipboard) 8 kg, 96x66x4 cm
Box 4 (photoArm K-150) 46 kg, 189x38x43 cm
Box 5 (background) 3 kg, 133x15x12 cm
Box 6 (fasteners) 7 kg, 39x25x18 cm
Box 7 (ST-100 base) 64 kg, 195x44x25 cm

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