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Photomechanics MX-32 Small 360 product photo turntable
Automatic 360 product photo turntable
Portable 360 product photo turntable
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MX-32 Turntable

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Photomechanics MX-32 is the automatic turntable for 3D product photography and 360 product photography of small items up to 10 kg.

Design Features:

MX-32 Turntable is equipped with 32 cm diameter tabletop.

Maximum size of the object is up to 25 cm. Product type include jewelry, glasses, small accessories, perfumes, watches, electronics.

MX-32 is fully automatic and controlled with same Photo3D Studio software as higher Photomechanics models and has all its capabilities and useful features available.

MX-32 Turntable is a compact and easy to use but powerful solution for creating of 360 product photographs.


For 3D product photography use MX-32 turntable with Photomechanics K-100 Photo Arm.

Photomechanics MX-32 is integrated with third party GGnome Object2VR software.


Maximum Product Dimensions and Weight
Length, Width 25x25 cm
Height 50 cm
Weight 10 kg
Recommended Product Dimensions
Length, Width 15x15 cm
Height 25 cm
Weight 10 kg
Device dimensions
Length 320 mm
Width 320 mm
Height 80 mm
Turntable Diameter 320 mm
Steps per revolution
Minimum 1
Maximum 12800
Other features
Adjustable feet
On/off indication
Compatible devices and accessories


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Power and control
Power 220/110 VAC
Data Interfaces USB 2.0
Control Options

Photo3D Studio
API control 
GGnome Object2VR Studio
Check Photo3D Studio for detailed control description

Shipping weight/dimensions
Weight 5 kg
Package Dimensions 37x37x13 cm

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