360 and 3D Product Photography – Photomechanics d.o.o.


Footwear 360 and 3D Photography

Use fully integrated solution at the office or warehouse or equip your own studio with flexible and compact automatic turntable.

Home Appliances and Furniture 360 and 3D Photography


    • Shoot either small and light or heavy home equipment
    • Use Photomechanics accessories to achieve better lighting and positioning for glossy, color or white surfaces
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    Automotive parts and vehicles 360/3D Photography

    • Show detailed multi angle view of complicated parts
    • Use Photomechanics medium sized studios even for heavy items
    • Choose extra large studios with up to 5 meters turning platform to create impressive 360 and 3D photos of motorcycles, ATVs, cars or other vehicles

    Sport and Fitness Equipment 360/3D Photography

    • Explore 3D photo of large equipment with 2 horizontal frame sets shown in the example
    • Create full 3D photographs with up to 5 horizontal frame sets made simultaneously by 5 cameras installed on MultiCam System
    • Digitize bulky 2x2 m fitness equipment with ready-to-use ST-300 Studio Kit

    Electronics 360/3D Photography


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